Extended Health & Wellness Plans

At Vital Steps®, we’re all about tailoring programs and plans that suit you, so of course our client packages are customizable too!

The Extended Health and Wellness plans will help you build a health and wellness package to support your Vital Steps® exercise regime. You can even add friends and family to your plan at a discounted rate.

Our plans have been set up to bundle services together to give you the best value plus convenient access to many local health care providers in your community. You can enjoy significant savings with our plans compared to purchasing these various services independently

Enjoy the convenience and savings of month-to-month or 12-month options:

  • 50% off enrolment when you join on a month-to-month agreement
  • Enrolment fee is waived when joining with a twelve month agreement (a one-time processing fee of $39.99 applies at the time of enrolment.)

We offer four Extended Health & Wellness Plans:

  1. Value Plan
  2. Lifestyle Plan
  3. Renaissance Plan
  4. Youth Plan

Click a category below to learn more about what we offer in each of our four Health & Wellness Plans.

Your Vital Steps® assessment is the first step towards better health and fitness. Clients are eligible for multiple re-assessments to make sure we’re on target with your plan and goals. We can also provide assessments and referrals for physiotherapy and cardiac stress tests. Some plans also include detailed Vital Health Reports that you can keep, which provide an in-depth look at your health and fitness.

Below are the different types of assessments offered in each of our Health & Wellness Plans
Functional health & fitness assessmentYesYesYesYes
Re-assessment1 / year2 / year4 / year1 / year
Physiotherapy assessment1 / year2 / year2 / year1 / year
Cardiac stress test1 / year1 / year
Vital Health reports2 / year4 / year
Every training relationship begins with a personalized exercise prescription. Like a prescription you might get when you visit your doctor, this prescription tells you what kind of exercise is best for you, at what intensity, and how frequently it should be done. It may also provide exercises you can do at home.

Below are the different types of training offered in each of our Health & Wellness Plans
Training TypeValueLifestyleRenaissanceYouth
Exercise prescription2 / yr4 / yr6 / yr2 / yr
Medical exercise training2 hrs / yr50 hrs / yrUnlimited4 hrs / yr
Personal training50 hrs / yrUnlimited
Group training75 hrs / yr100 hrs / yrUnlimited50 hrs / yr
Summer fit campYesYesYes+ March Break
Travel plan1 / yrUnlimited
Tropic Fitness & Wellness toursYes

In addition to personal training, group training and medical exercise training, extra training programs are available, like our Summer Fit Camp, March Break fitness camps for youths, travel plans, and exclusive invitations to Weekend Fitness camps and Tropical Fitness trips.

We believe that the key to overcoming obstacles with our fitness is to understand what we are doing and why we do it. That’s why education plays an important role. Some plans qualify for our health and fitness smartphone app Vital Trainer. You can also connect with our community of health specialists, like nutritionists, and wellness coaches. Plus, continue your training from the comfort of your own home with access to our exercise video library of more than 3000 titles, plus monthly educational seminars, workshops and newsletters.

Below are the different types of education offerings in each of our Health & Wellness Plans
Education TypeValueLifestyleRenaissanceYouth
Health App Vital TrainerYesYes
Nutritional counseling2 / yr2 / yrUnlimited2 / yr
Health and wellness coaching3 / yrUnlimitedYes
Exercise video library (3000 titles)YesYes
Monthly seminars and workshopsYesYesYesYes
Monthly newsletter subscription and fit tipsYesYesYesYes

In addition to fitness training, we also provide insightful nutrition and dietary counseling. We begin with an initial consultation and can customize a nutritional plan to your weight goals, dietary restrictions, and time for meal preparation so you can create delicious and nutritious meals at home. We can customize meal plans for clients with diabetes, celiac disease, fibre requirements, reduced sodium, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and more.

Below are the various locational amenity options offered in each of our Health & Wellness Plans
Facility use of athletic centre, pool, and track (additional costs may apply) UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Home Fit (additional charges apply)YesYesYesYes

Below is a breakdown of how clients are accommodated in each of our Health & Wellness Plans
Adults (all ages) YesYesYes
Youth (age 8-18)Yes
Additional family membersUp to 2Up to 3Up to 2Up to 3