Personal Training

Personal training is for anyone who wants personalized focus, commitment and support. Our certified personal trainers and medical fitness specialists provide personalized instruction and support that focuses on achieving your goals and fits easily into your schedule.

Our medically-based fitness programs often result in improved physical, emotional, and cognitive health, enhanced immune and cardiovascular function, and a resistance to many age-related chronic disorders. That’s because we look at the whole you when designing a personal fitness program, with an assessment that digs deep into your health, experience, energy, ability, and goals.

  • Cardio training to give you more energy and improve your endurance for recreational sports, work, and household chores.
  • Strength training to build and maintain bone and muscle mass and to improve balance, helping you maintain long-term independence.
  • Flexibility training to reduce stiffness, keep you limber and increase your range of motion.
  • Balance exercises to improve your posture, your coordination, and reduce your risk of falling.
Vital Steps® clients can use any of our satellite facilities throughout the Greater Toronto Area; some of which are equipped with amenities such as racquetball and squash courts, indoor and outdoor running tracks, swimming pool, and full gym with cardio and resistance training equipment.

If you require a home-based program because you’re busy with your family, travel often for work, we can create a customized solution for you. We help select and source exercise equipment for your home, design a personalized medical fitness program, and provide our specialized training and encouragement with in-home personal training. Contact us for more details about our programs.

Take your next vital step towards better health and combine personal training with functional fitness assessments, personalized exercise prescriptions and a variety of health and wellness specialist services like physiotherapy, nutrition and more! Learn more about our Extended Health & Wellness Plans.