What’s going on in that head of yours?

The brain is the body’s three-pound boss. It is what controls our body’s movements and what determines our favourite colour.

The parietal lobe

This part of the brain is what tells us when something hurts or when something tastes good; it is all about receiving and processing sensory information from the skin, tongue, ears and eyes.

The frontal lobe

The frontal lobe is used for problem solving, socializing and regulating emotions. Can’t help but by an entire new wardrobe at the mall? Blame the frontal lobe, it is responsible for impulse control.

The temporal lobe

Your favourite songs are chosen by the part of the brain and it may be why you failed that French test. The temporal lobe is what recognizes and processes sounds and language.

The brain stem

The brain stem is a pretty big deal; it regulates breathing, heart rate, balance, blood pressure sweating and the ability to sleep.

The cerebellum

Coordination, motor skills, balance and posture are up to the cerebellum. Get on a skateboard and see how your cerebellum is treating you.

The occipital lobe

This section is what processes colours and shapes- transferring information to be processed from the retinas to the brain.